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The one-stop shop for all your sports data needs. We provide live in-game data, betting odds and real-time analytics on sports like you've never seen before

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Sport Gambling HQ provides live in-game data API's of the game to help you make the best decisions. How? Our machine learning and probabilistic betting models to predict odds, moneyline and over/under within seconds of the start of a game.

About Us

The science of Winning

Sports Gambling HQ Covers all State's sportsbooks. Sports betting, odds and fantasy data analyzed by machine learning probabilistic models to elevate the playing field for your bets. In-game, real-time predictable lines, spreads and over/under to place betting back in your favor. For more information on our soon to be released SGHQ platform contact us

Our Alexa Skill is Now Live!

Want to use SGHQ NOW? Enable our new Alexa skill on any Alexa speaker or FireTV device. You can say things like, Get MLB spreads , Get sportsbooks Or,Get me Sugarhouse spreads for New York Giants versus Philadelphia Eagles.. New features will be added every week.


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